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Educated in Voice, Music, Dance and Theater Maywa has always been a free spirit who has been following the path of her excitement since her early childhood.

She has always felt a deep connection to nature and spent more than 10 years travelling and living in South- and Meso-America (Mexiko, Chile, Peru, Colombia). She spent several years  in the jungle and started to write her own medicine songs and to deepen her connection to the plants and spirit world as she learned with shamans and plant medicine healers and worked as an assistant in their ceremonies and rituals. She lived 2 years with the Shipibo "Mamitas" in Peru and worked with the plant medicine known as "Ayahuasca".

Maywas biggest inspiration for her healing music is listening to nature. She   writes and sings her own "Ikaros" (healing songs) in ancient indiginous languages like Quechua, Mapuche, Shipibo and Kogi but also in spanish and english.

She has performed and facilitated voice & body workshops and sound healing sessions all over the world including "HEART" & "Woomoon" (Ibiza), "Reserva One Love" (Colombia) "Eagles Nest" (Guatemala), "Papaya Playa Project" & "Aqua Viva" (Mexiko, Tulum). 

Togehter with her partner Steffen Kirchhoff she facilitates cacao ceremonies and created the project ALUNA Ritual Music.



Educated as a social worker and coach for personal devellopement Steffen had a "spiritual awakening" kind of experience in 2011. After practicing a special kind of Qi Gong excercises for a while he started to percieve informations and sensations beyond the 5 usual senses and his mind and awareness opened up to a bigger picture of reality.   Since then he has worked togehter with shamans, spiritual teachers, energy workers and healers all over the globe. 

During this time of self-exploration and re-membering he gained profound knowledge about metaphysical and mystical concepts and world views. Further he led meditation circles and gathered people that were interested to explore spiritual practices and mystical teachings with the intention to empower himself and others to become a more concious and aware co-creator of the indiviudal and collective reality.

After his first cacao ceremony experience Steffen felt the immidiate calling to work with this sacred plant medicine because of the profound effect  and deepness of the experience. During his travels to Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico he connected with maya elders, indiginous tribes and cacao shamans and got deeper into the roots of the shamanic work and ritualistic use of raw cacao. Inspired by ancient and modern methods Steffen and his partner Maywa created their own unique way of working with the sacred plant medicine.

Music and Sound have always been a passion for him, first in his school band and later as a producer and DJ, Steffen used music as a link to re-establish the connection of heart, mind and soul. Together with his partner Maywa he composes medicine music that is meant to create a sense of peace, introspection and re-connection with nature.

 Lately he also started to produce guided meditations and sound healing journeys togehter with his partner Maywa and he also teaches ("medicine") music production in one-on-one online sessions.

Steffen and Maywa also offer to share their knowledge and experience in personal and online coaching sessions.


ALUNA Ritual Music

Is the name of the co-creation project between Steffen Kirchhoff and Maywa. They met at a music festival in the jungle of colombia in 2016. The word "Aluna" stems from the indiginous language of the kogi tribe from colombia and can be translated into "source of all that is, was and ever will be" or "conciousness". 

 Togehter they produce music, guided meditations and sound-healing journeys and facilitate cacao ceremonies and concious dance events with the intention to re-connect people with nature and their inner guidance and wisdom.

Their mutual work as ceremony holders, DJ-Duo and Live Act  has been showcased at Festivals, Healing Gatherings and Seminars and (Plant Medicine) Retreat Centers all over the world and includes residencies at the "Sunset Cacao Dance" Event at the "Eagle's Nest" in Guatemala, at the Natural Reserve Retreat Center "Reserva One Love" in Colombia and the "Aqua Viva Tulum" in Mexico.

They also founded their own music label called "NUMA" on which they release multi-cultural and multi-style medicine music.